Patriots & Tyrants

The first collection in a series of short stories revealing the histories of characters in the Black Shuck universe

During the Soviet-Afghan War an elite team of operatives were trained in
the mountains of Afghanistan. Loyal to the Provisional Irish Republican Army, they were created for a single purpose; to bring about the downfall of the entire British
government in one terrifying attack. They were known only by their codename,
Black Shuck.IanGraham_PatriotsAndTyrants_Cover_KINDLE

In the years that followed—betrayed from within by the internal power struggles of the IRA—the team members were hunted down. Forced into a battle for their lives, three survived, fading into the turbulent streets of Northern Ireland. To this day, their identities remain a mystery— but nothing can stay hidden forever.

  • Can Mossad agent Abaddon Kafni capture an Iranian arms dealer?
  • Can former IRA volunteer Declan McIver stop a friend from being murdered in Boston’s seedy underworld?
  • Can internationally feared assassin Torrance “AU” Sands succeed in killing a vicious cult leader?
  • Can Russian soldiers capture Chechen terrorist Ruslan Baktayev in the aftermath of the Beslan School Massacre?


“Graham is in his element when describing action scenes from inside the heads of
desperate heroes and vicious villains. The table has been set for a future series of novels with some great characters, especially Declan McIver!”   ~ Linda O.

“Well written and well researched, you are pulled in from the first page into a
world of smoke and mirrors which carries you along on a tide of action and
intrigue.”  ~ Andrew S.


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