Amsterdam, Virginia, a small farming community in the midst of a suburban transformation, has been decimated by the H16N1 flu pandemic. With resources becoming scarce and law enforcement nonexistent, the normally decent citizens of the once well-to-do area turn on each other.

Then the militias arrive — men once looked on as “kooks” and outsiders, but who now have the military resources to claim the area farming infrastructure as their own. And with their ranks swollen by the desperate, they don’t stop there.

United against the tyranny by Reverend Jacob Craft, a local minister and veteran of the war in Afghanistan, the people of Amsterdam fight back. But with the federal, state, and local governments eerily silent a new form of leadership is needed and The Amsterdam Directorate is born.

Can Jacob keep the peace in the wake of yet another disaster or will the fragile community be torn apart from within and consumed by forces from without?


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“I’ve never read Mr. Grimm’s writing before this one, but I’m anxiously awaiting more of his books! He has taken a “tried but true” very possible event and has given it’s characters a new spin. He keeps the reader’s attention with an action-filled writing style, revealing the inner struggles of the main character, Jacob, as he deals with the life-or-death struggles of evil in an apocalyptic world. You won’t regret reading this one!”   ~   An Amazon user review from The Red Headed Swede

“Well-written, fast action, a great read. Don’t miss this one. Hope to read more by this author.”  ~ An Amazon user review from Cheryl


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