RADICAL ISLAM DOES IT AGAIN. As predicted by many, myself included, it has taken only a short amount of time for the true face of those calling themselves “revolutionaries” in Syria to be revealed. Last week, after attacking a Catholic convent near the Turkish border, Syrian “rebels” took captive two men from inside and beheaded them in front of a crowd of onlookers who were cheering and holding up cell phones to capture images and videos of the grisly scene. priest-beheadedThere is a nine minute video of both deaths circulating around the internet. I have seen it, and I DO NOT recommend watching it. Just as an article I wrote a few months ago states, Islamic Jihadists from diverse places often crop up in support of fellow radicals fighting in other lands. To me, the main attacker in the video does not appear to be a native Syrian and given this happened near the Turkish border, it’s quite possible he was a Chechen, although I don’t know that for sure. Anyone doubting the idea that Radical Islam is an enemy to anyone and everyone that is not EXACTLY like them, should heed the example made of Father Francois Murad, God rest his soul. You just might be next.


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***WARNING***  ***WARNING***

This is the link to the video showing the execution of the two Syrian Christians. IT IS EXTEMELY GRAPHIC and I DO NOT recommend watching it, but because some of you will ask, I am posting the link.

LIVE LEAK – Two Christians, one a priest, beheaded by Syrian Islamists.

***WARNING***   ***WARNING***