During the Soviet-Afghan war an elite team of operatives were trained throughout Eastern Europe. Loyal to the Provisional Irish Republican Army, they were known only by their codename, Black Shuck.

In the years that followed, betrayed from within by the internal power struggles of the IRA, the team members were hunted down. Three survived, fading into the turbulent streets of Northern Ireland. To this day, their identities remain a mystery — but nothing can stay hidden forever.

For years, Declan McIver has lived under the radar, married to a beautiful woman and operating a successful business, but that life is about to change. When a planned meeting with an old friend goes horribly wrong, Declan finds himself on the run from a shadowy conspiracy that will stop at nothing to keep their evil intentions a closely guarded secret.

To survive, he’ll have to rely on long dormant training and reach deep within himself to a place and time he’d hoped to never return. As his past is laid open for the world to see and events spiral further out of control who will win and at what cost?


“There are a lot of political thrillers out there today that follow a similar
plot-line: Super-spy against terrorists wanting to destroy the Great Satan;
super-spy out smarts and out shoots all the terrorists; story over. Veil of
Civility is a refreshingly different kind of approach with a different kind of
hero. The angle of having an Irish hero thrust into a situation he didn’t ask
for and a type of life he wants to leave, but can’t, makes for a breath of fresh
air in this genre.”   ~   Tommy F.

“This is a very well-written thriller, which in light of the bombings during the
Boston Marathon makes the story very timely. Of all the thrillers, I have read so far this year there are two that I would buy to give as a gift or recommend 100% and this is one of them.”  ~ Anne


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